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Swap Face with AI Face Swapper instantly. Change faces in photos and gifs to anyone you like. Magically create funny memes or professional headshots! 

New Features to Enhance Your Face Swap Journey

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Magic Avatarly

Generate multiple professional headshots with our AI avatar maker.

gif sample for face swapping
Animated Face Swap

Free GIF face swapper to make hilarious memes and funny emojis.

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Face Cutter

Make big head cutouts for any occasion by cropping faces online.

How AI Face Swapper Work

swap face online free

Get Playful with Face Swapping

Welcome to FaceSwapper, where swapping faces is as easy as pie! With our fantastic AI face swap tool, you can switch faces with friends, family, or even famous folks in a snap. Just click a few buttons, and voila! Your photos turn into hilarious gems. Explore our fun filters and effects to jazz up your swaps. Share your silly creations online and let the laughter spread. Whether you're making funny memes or just goofing around, our face changer makes it simple and super fun.

swap face online free

Swap Faces in a Snap

With this AI face swapper, changing faces in your photos is quick and effortless. Whether you're looking to swap faces with a celebrity or replace your face in a GIF, the process is straightforward. Upload your source image, select the photo or GIF template, and click the "Swap Face" button to witness the amazing results. It's as easy as that! Gone are the days of waiting and complicated editing. With this face swap AI, you can have fun swapping faces in no time.

Trending Face Swap Presets

We offer a variety of popular face swap presets for you to choose from. Just upload your selfie and swap it to a desired character. Moreover, our AI avatar maker allows you to generate multiple stylized avatars that you can apply to the AI face swap process. With presets and avatar generation features, you can swap faces to create hilarious content and bring your imagination to life.

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Swap Face Online, Simple, Fast, and Fun

E asy-to-use

Face swap is a piece of cake on FaceSwapper! Just upload a good photo of your face and pick a template. Then, let the AI do its thing – no need for tricky editing! It's super simple and perfect for everyone.


D aily Free Face Swap

We send six credits daily to free users so you can swap faces for free online. The credits are sent to your account daily so that you can have as much fun as possible.


P rivate Face Switch

Your privacy is our priority. We ensure the face switch process is 100% secure and private on Face Swapper. Your uploaded images and other data are protected, and only you can see them.


E xtra Photo Editing

In addition to the face swap feature, you can enjoy more photo editing tools on FaceSwapper. For example, you can cut out a face to create a big headshot photo or cute avatars with an AI avatar generator.


S tylized Presets Offered

Are you new to face swapping? No worries! Just pick from our wide range of presets that match your style. Our templates are top-notch and perfect for all kinds of fun. You can be whoever you want to be in seconds!


R eplace Face in GIFs

Our gif face swap tool allows you to replace faces in your favorite GIFs, adding a personalized touch to your animated creations. Upload your photo, select the GIF you want to swap head to, and let our AI do the rest.


Turn one face photo into endless fun

Create & Share Funny GIFs Memes

Get set to spread laughter and joy with our GIF meme maker! Whether you want to share relatable jokes, clever puns, or witty observations, our GIF face swap tool is here to help. With just a few clicks, unleash your creativity and boost engagement with your audience. It's easy, fun, and sure to bring smiles all around!

swap face for images sample of face swap

Explore Diverse Styles of YourSelf

Switch up your look effortlessly with our Magic Avatarly feature! From movie stars to superheroes, see yourself as a different character. Let our AI avatar maker revamp your style from old-fashioned to trendy in no time. Express yourself in new and exciting ways by trying on different makeup, hairstyles, or outfits.

They Love Us, You Will Too

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I love FaceSwapper! It's my go-to tool for adding a fun twist to my photos. Whether I'm swapping faces with my friends or trying out different celebrity looks, the results are always hilarious and entertaining.

Cliff Quan

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As a makeup enthusiast, I use FaceSwapper to try out new makeup looks before committing to them in real life. Putting my face on different characters' faces helps me visualize how different styles will look on me. It's a fun and practical tool for anyone who loves experimenting with makeup!

Anli Brevo

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It's straightforward to switch your face without another one. Whether you want to put a movie star's face on your head or replace your face with a basketball player, this tool does the job perfectly. Keep it up!

Ada Wu

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This incredible tool intelligently detects faces in photos and seamlessly replaces them with any other face you desire. It's like having your own personal creative studio at your fingertips! With faceswapper, swapping faces in any type of photo is a breeze, giving me the freedom to unleash my imagination without any hassle.

Mario Kuper

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I've always struggled with photo editing, but FaceSwapper makes it easy! I love playing around with the different face swap options and seeing the funny combinations. It's a great way to add some humor to my photos and keep my friends laughing.

Chris jin

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AI face swap is perfect for creating funny memes, gifs, and face swap videos. Faceswapper is not only for entertainment but also for engaged content creation. It helps you grab more attention on social media.

For Funny Memes and Gifs

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