Face Swapping vs Face Morphing: What sets them apart?

Face Swapping vs Face Morphing: What sets them apart?

The digital world is bringing innovations to humans and making them aww. The same goes for photography and videography. They have undergone a revolution over the past few years. One of the incredible transformations we see today is the art of digital manipulation. People can easily switch faces; it looks so real that one cannot identify them at first glance.

Face Swapping and face Morphing are two essential techniques in digital manipulation. While they may look similar at first glance, people mostly use them interchangeably. But they are different. Each method has its unique qualities and applications.

This article will talk about face swapping vs. face morphing: its origin, applications, and what are the tools people use while using each specific technique. So, without any further due, let's begin.

Face Swapping and Face Morphing: What are they?

Both techniques are often taken as one, but they are slightly different. Face Swapping, as the name suggests, is a technique that involves detecting and extracting the face from one image and replacing it with a face from another image. Its main goal is to make the swapped face look as natural and real as possible.

Face Morphing, on the other side, is the smooth transition of one face to another in the sequence of the images. It's a gradual change from one face to another. As you see in movies, one face smoothly turns into another.

Their History & Evolution

If we talk about face swapping, it emerges with the evolution of computer graphics and advanced software. Initially, it was a fun and fantastic tool to make playful, funny family photos. Later, it was used in the market for greater purposes.

Face morphing can be traced back to early animation when artists used it to smoothly transition faces in their cartoons and animations.

What are the Common Applications of Face Swapping & Face Morphing?

Both techniques are popular in the digital world and have many applications. They are primarily used for fun and entertainment and to create a moment of laughter for the people. Let's briefly discuss different common applications of face swapping and morphing.

  1. Face Swapping

Here are some of the face swapping applications:

  • It is used in the entertainment industry. Have you seen memes? They showcased this technique of face swapping.
  • Face swapping apps and filters have become social media sensations because they bring engagement and audience.
  • This technique is also used in gaming, where a player can upload his face to a game character.
  • It is used to protect an individual identity while maintaining the authenticity of the video footage.

2. Face Morphing

Here are some of the face morphing applications:

  • It is used in movies for the transformation of the characters.
  • This technique is also used in forensic investigations to predict how a missing person may look after a few years.
  • Advertising industries use face morphing to morph their brand ambassador's face into the product to create visual effects.
  • Digital artists also use this technique to showcase evolution, transition, or amalgamations in artistic expression.
  • Have you seen Michael Jackson's music video "Black or White". They also used this technique in it.

Technical Differences of Face Swap Vs. Morph

Now, let's discuss the technical difference between face morphing and swapping. What software do they use?

  1. Face Swap

· Snapchat App: It gives a feature to do fun swapping with your buddies.

· Face Swapper: An online tool that gives outstanding, realistic online face swaps.

· Fotor: It also helps those seeking to make some quick swaps.

2. Face Morph

· Adobe After Effects is a professional video editing for creating face morphing effects.

· Nuke is a compositing software primarily used in television and film production to achieve morphing effects.

· FantaMorph is another user-friendly tool that enables the creation of morphing sequences.

Summing Up

Face Swapping and Face Morphing terms are often used interchangeably by people. They are related to changing the faces in photos and videos. However, they have different histories, uses, and techniques. And in this digital era, everyone needs to understand these technologies and use them rightly.

So, have fun creating humorous content and making others laugh. Remember to share your experiences with us.